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Feem for Windows

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Feem for Windows - Painless file sharing!

Feem for Windows makes file sharing really simple. The application is easy to use and doesn't require any complicated set up procedures. Even large files can be shared between Feem users over a local network without the need for any external servers.

Feem: Painless local sharing

Feem helps you chat and transfer files with other people in your WiFi or local network. Be it between Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktop.

Painlessly .

No servers involved.
No internet involved.
No credentials to remember.

No servers involved.
No internet involved.
No credentials to remember.

Beautiful and intuitive UI even your grandma will appreciate.
Smart phone support coming soon.
Auto-resume of downloads.

Feem is ideal for homes and small businesses with multiple computers ( Windows, Mac, Linux Desktop). Sharing has never been this easier in a local network.


  • Share files with ease on your local network
  • No complicated setup procedures
  • No need for external servers
  • No limit on file sizes


  • Data sharing can be slow at times
  • No smartphone support, developers are looking into this
  • In a few instances application has crashed mid file transfer
  • Auto resume function resume downloads in incorrect place at times

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Feem for Windows


Feem for Windows 4.2.6

User reviews about Feem for Windows

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Works super perfect for all platforms
    It's really PAINLESS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Did Nothing!.
    Installed on my iOS device and my Windows desktop. They could not see each other and everything I did on my desktopMore

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